UBT-Innovation Campus

UBT for 20 years has been a source of creativity, new ideas, both in science and technology, contributing extremely much to innovation in Kosovo. UBT has established the largest Center for Science, Technology and Innovation in Kosovo: “UBT Smart City”, which is the most unique and first center of its kind in Kosovo and the Western Balkans and which will enable the growth of jobs, entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainable development. The largest higher education institution in the country, UBT, has brought to Kosovo the virtual reality, becoming the first institution from around the world in terms of the application of EON-XR in education. With the virtual reality platform, thousands of UBT students benefited from over 20,000 lessons based on more than 120,000 things created, from different fields of study. To the many innovations that UBT has brought to society, recently, has been added the Innovation and Technology Center “Korça Innovation & Technology Hub”, which is the youngest center in the region that has all the necessary components in the spirit of technology, which offers work space for all young people in the city of Korça. UBT through Nokia, Kosovo brought the fifth generation of wireless mobile network technology, 5G, enabling the development of 5G-based research and testing, for many cases run by the respective Internet of Things (IoT) and AI technologies, such as efforts to foster multiple research and innovations. This latest technology is a very important development for Kosovo in the digital economy of the country. … More




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Swiss Dimond Hotel [email protected] Mother Theresa St, Prishtinë
City Inn [email protected] Fazli Greiçevci 55, Prishtinë
B&B GOLDEN Hotel [email protected] Rr. Vëllezërit Fazliu p.n, Prishtinë
Hotel Sirius [email protected] Agim Ramadani , Prishtinë
Venus [email protected] Magjistralja Prishtinë- Lipjan Highway , Pristina